Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Там, наверное, вообще не надо будет умирать

Everybody is blogging about Fidel and Egor today, so I guess I'll just make it one post. These guys definitely have something in common.

I mean I'm a libertarian and I don't have any warm feelings towards communist regimes, but there's something special about Cuba. You know, hasta la victoria siempre, Fidel, Granma, Comandante Che Guevara and the rebel youth all around the world singing songs about them and wearing that famous photo of Che on their t-shirts. That's charisma for you, I guess.

Same applies to GrOb: NBP, anarchism, antisemitism, obscene lyrics and the dirty sound – how come it's a part of our high school years for most of us, geeky kids from math schools? Why did the whole crowd sing “Общество Память” on a concert in Haifa (Israel) together with Egor? Because he was a genius, that's why.

Rest in peace and thanks for all the songs.

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