Wednesday, November 28, 2007

random stuff vol.1

Congrats to Michael, Eugene & Ivan (Moscow SU 2): #9 kinda sucks, but what matters is going to Alberta.

Firefox 3.0b1 rocks. URL autocompletion that treats your input as a substring of a target URL (not a prefix!) is very useful, full page zoom looks nice and you can even copy-paste multiline URLs into the address bar. Cool.

Recently I started using a daily checklist of about a dozen small action items that should be performed on a daily basis (like “remove 5 files from the backup of the old home directory”, “read at least 15 pages of something useful”, “do some physical exercises” etc). Looks like I can as well add "explore some new Google product" to the list: I recently started using iGoogle, Google Apps for your domain, Webmaster tools and Adsense mostly out of curiosity and got totally addicted. Launching a small Adwords campaign is in progress. Anyway, the points are:
• my new primary e-mail and jabber accounts are vladimir [at] rychev (dot) com
• sorry for the ads: it was too tempting to try setting them up

And since this post is evil enough already, let's finish it appropriately: can somebody please share some karma with me on habrahabr? I sometimes feel like posting something to some public blog there, but my current 2.74 karma doesn't allow that.


  1. Мне кармы не хватает даже для того, чтобы ее поднять) Но, кажись, там был способ запостить что-то с кармой больше двух: сначала положить в свой блог, а потом переместить в коллективный. Если я ничего не путаю.

  2. Мда. Интересно, это только мне тамошнее устройство кармы и силы кажется взятым с потолка и местами нелогичным?

    Впрочем, кто-то один пришел: уже 3.81. Спасибо.

  3. Banff is 4 hours away from Deadmonton :)

  4. Yeah, I remember :)

    The travel info looks scary: "You can't fly to Banff; you can rent a car only if you're 25, but driving there is risky and you should book now because of Juno Awards; there are no trains to Banff; but there are buses twice a day (for ~500 participants, ага)".

    Too bad we won't be able to come as guests in April :(